Want to run something like Heroku on your own infrastructure?

ShapeBlock helps developers, startups and agencies deploy, manage and scale apps on their own servers.

Focus on writing code, not deploying

Spend your time shipping awesome features to your users faster, not on staging, deploying and scaling your apps.

Run your favorite stack

ShapeBlock runs your favorite framework and service.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Running your app on a PaaS can be expensive, especially if you use a host of other third party services to support it.

ShapeBlock provisions a scalable OpenShift cluster on your own servers.

Just choose which cloud you want to launch your cluster on, and configure your cluster parameters.

Take the pain out of setting up and maintaing your Kubernetes cluster

Care and feeding of a Kubernetes cluster can be daunting, even if done right. ShapeBlock setups up a robust setup for you on your servers at the comfort of your browser.

Made for developers, by developers

Get best-in-class features. like scaling, monitoring, SSL, logging, backups and Continuous Delivery baked into your workflow.

Work with the language you already love

No vendor lockin

ShapeBlock is built fully on open standards. You are not locked in by any proprietary tools.